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Your Choice

It makes all the difference in the world.  Ever Green Ecological Services brings you the tools to make this easy.

Whether you call it garbage, trash, waste, or refuse, Ever Green has what you need.  There are three waste streams of waste and we handle them all. 

Recyclables - items that have value that can be extracted.  Make the most of our Earth's limited resources. 

Organics - biodegradable items.  Processing generates clean energy, water and replenishes soil

Waste - what doesn't go to the first two streams

Use one or all three - the choice is yours.  We devote our resources to making waste diversion easy for you. 

The best evidence for climate change comes from the Arctic. This is because there are several feedback mechanisms that amplify the effect of climate change, and you have such short growing seasons that every extra warm day makes a difference. The arctic is essentially the canary in the coalmine. Interestingly though, ice loss in the arctic may also end up being a key mechanism in global climate change as well...

– Darren Bos, Ph.D.